The best of two worlds

The best of two worlds

We are living in a world of money, split into two antagonist systems.

The first is well-known (or not so well ?) to all of us : the money you earn goes to the bank, then you spend some and invest or keep the remaining part (if any !).

The second is emerging, worshiped by some, feared by others : cryptomoney, which is protected from centralised so-called “trusted third parties”, and has instant fluidity.

For the banking system, the second world is a lawless casino that must be reined in by banking and monetary regulation.

For crypto-adepts, the loss of confidence in banks to protect cash and in fiat currencies no longer backed by assets, justifies the volatility risk.

At TAL, we want it all : good regulatory protection and fluidity, worldwide ease of use and meta-stability for our money.

We think that the solution lies in a third way, compatible and respectful of regulatory bodies, based on a decentralised governance and distributed technology, with sole azimuth the preservation of your freedom attached to your cash.

And on top of that, we also fight the climate impact of both worlds, the first by not letting the banks foster carbon emissions through their investments with your money, the second by not choosing to protect value by a large consumption of electricity to run proof-of-work blockchains. We will aim at net zero impact and will contribute positively to reach international climate goals.

This third way is made possible by constant innovation in assembling the best of both worlds.

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