Stablecoin, an oxymoron ?

Stablecoin, an oxymoron ?

In the cryptoworld, players have chosen to assume strong volatility and often distrust “fiat” currencies for their lack of underlying assets.

If euros or dollars exist only because of the will of central banks, why would cryptomoney not carry value, as they benefit from the strength and the transparency of the code they are made of ?

Then why create stablecoins, attached to a “fiat” currency ? Isn’t it the worst of both worlds ?

The answer is simple : stability and protection. Without stablecoins, how is it possible to store the value extracted from cryto volatility ? Arbitrating between coins could be an answer, but so energy-consuming and risky !

What is true in the crypto world is also necessary in the “fiat” world : there is a large need of protecting your cash from fiat volatility and inflation, from bank default risk and currency weakness. That is why at TAL we have created a meta-stable fiat to stabilize and protect your cash in the “real” world. And that is why it will be followed by the creation of a stablecoin, attached to the TAL stablefiat. To get the best of both worlds !

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