Taking care of your cash

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Cash: your freedom, hindered by the financial system

Cash is not just what is left after investing. It’s a corner stone of your ability to act. Whatever the form it takes, for everyone it stands for freedom to seize opportunities and resist to reversal of fortune. But nowadays, cash is scorned upon by financial institutions, threatened of losing its value or difficult to access and entrusted to third parties whose interests are not aligned with their owner

We help you benefit from your cash

By securing its value
By giving you back its entire property
By helping you to protect your cash from the vagaries of the financial environment

The TAL universe is an efficient combination of simple, concrete & reassuring innovations

A protective contractual context
The strength of financial cooperation between selected members
Clear, useful and comprehensive services through protective and operating rules

Coofital, a dedicated financial structure

A dedicated financial structure for cooperation offering solutions
around cash management specific needs for selecting members
and respectful of anti-money laundering rules.

Protection & control

Contractual protection by the Swiss law trust

The protected amounts remain the property of the agent of the trust. They do not enter TALSAFE’s balance sheet and cannot be seized in the event of bankruptcy.

A supervisory power of service entrusted to the community

At any time the community of TAL holders, members of the cooperative, can decide on an independent audit


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Four pillars of flawless protection

A stable basket of major
currencies and gold

Tal is a basket of currencies and precious metals whose composition is defined once and for all

Any convertible currency can be changed to TAL (in compliance with the obligations of the charter of trust)

An encrypted, decentralized and global infrastructure without centralized trusted third parties

The use of DLT technology guarantees the tampering of the drawing rights on the TAL basket

Decentralized distribution of information protects against possible technical failure of the system or appropriation by a malicious third party

Contractual protection by the Swiss law trust and a power of control entrusted to the community of users

At any time the community of TAL holders can decide on an independent audit, proving the accuracy and availability of the components of the basket

A stable basket of major
currencies and gold


Compliance with the regulations in force concerning the identity (KYC of the country of residence) and the legal origin of funds (AML)

Exception US $

Talsafe is a service outside the US dollar zone.
No US dollar in the currency basket
No conversion possible between US $ and TAL on entry or exit
No US nationals or US residents
These measures protect the TALSAFE community from the extraterritoriality of US law.


Each user of the TALSAFE service has: an encrypted nickname, a private, unique and encrypted key.
Exchanges and transfers between TALSAFE players are carried out transparently between nicknames.

Protecting and permanent operating rules

Rule 1

Rule 2

Rule 3

Rule 4

Rule 5

Rule 6

Simple, secure and fast client experience

The TALSAFE service step by step..

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Increase your freedom
by protecting your cash
Everyone can be part
of the solution
Take back control
Join the TAL universe
You are free to act



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