Your cash is at the Bank ? It no longer belongs to you!

You know that the money in your bank does not belong to you ? What do you mean ? It belongs to your bank, and you have the right to retrieve it upon request. So what, if I need the money, I get it. Generally speaking, yes. Except if your bank does not want it. […]

I’d rather keep my money in cash; at least, I will not lose my money !

Managing one’s patrimony is arbitrating between various assets on the basis of yield, liquidity, risks or time horizon. But there is one category getting very low attention : cash. Cash for asset-sellers (real estate, stock, fixed income, financial product managers or seller) is the pocket in which they wish to dig to get a commission […]

Stablecoin, an oxymoron ?

In the cryptoworld, players have chosen to assume strong volatility and often distrust “fiat” currencies for their lack of underlying assets. If euros or dollars exist only because of the will of central banks, why would cryptomoney not carry value, as they benefit from the strength and the transparency of the code they are made […]

How did we reach this point of distrust ?

Originally, regulatory bodies and texts were designed to protect clients from bank abuses. So how come the vast majority of customers feel that they are imposed constraints limiting their freedom of benefiting from their own money? Current applying texts are the result of anti-tax-evasion policies imposed by governments, anti-terrorism multinational measures, anti-money laundering measures, aversion […]

The best of two worlds

We are living in a world of money, split into two antagonist systems. The first is well-known (or not so well ?) to all of us : the money you earn goes to the bank, then you spend some and invest or keep the remaining part (if any !). The second is emerging, worshiped by […]